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November 25th, 2004

The Dropsies

No, I’m not talking about the fish disease, but this past Monday I had a serious “case of the dropsies.” Actually, it was probably more “the spillies,” but that sounds like a sports team.

In the morning, I went to grab my bowl of cereal and somehow my grip was screwy and I spilled it all over the counter, myself, and the floor. I got to work and while getting tea, spilled water on the floor (quite a trick). When I got back to my office and went to pour my tea water over the leaves, I poured too quickly and it spilled out of the pot onto my desk (and, yes, the floor). Later in the afternoon, I again spilled water on the counter in the kitchen at work.

Good thing we don’t have children yet. I would have given them permanant brain damage on Monday.

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