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December 22nd, 2004

Office Holiday Gifts

So like almost any company, the one I work for has been giving and receiving holiday gifts from clients. We got a basket of Mrs. Fields from one client, a box of chocolate-covered peanuts from another (meh,) and a cheese and cracker basket from another. But there was one that stood out pretty distinctly: one client sent us a box of candy.

I’m talking about a pretty big box, with just a grab-bag assortment. Oh, sure, high end grab bag: Ferrero Rocher, upscale peppermint patties, Ghirardelli chocolate, and chocolate-covered pretzels (again, meh.) But it was a big box with loose candy and bags of pretzels in it. Just a big box! That’s something else… it makes no bones about it. “You’re just going to want candy, so why bother with a basket?”

It’s like a few people put their Halloween leftovers together in a snow-themed box and sent it off.

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