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December 30th, 2004

A List of Places You’d Like to Visit

Ah, travel. It’s something I haven’t done much of recently (at least, not when it’s for non-moving purposes) but I still enjoy traveling to new places. I started compiling a list of places I’d like to visit, but haven’t gotten around to just yet. And here it is, for your entertainment.

  • San Francisco. SF was high on my list for a visit back in 2001, but Houston won out (I knew someone there, and didn’t in SF.) I mostly want to go and check out all the techie, geeky stuff and see how the city vibe is… I’ve only heard good things about SF.
  • Boston. I think I would like New England a heck of a lot, and I really want to check out the underground highways. And oh yeah, all that historical crap too.
  • New York City. This one surprised me: I actually want to visit NYC now. I had a long-standing opinion that I would never want to visit NYC, but now I kind of do. I want to see a city much bigger than Chicago and experience that beauty-cum-chaos.
  • London. Another one I never thought I’d say, but frankly my wife has convinced me that I’d like to visit it. So why not?
  • Canada, probably Toronto. Throwing a whole country in here is a bit sloppy, but Toronto would be a fine place to start. I need to see what it’s like in Canada. Is it really cleaner? Are they really nuts about hockey? Do they all say “eh” or is that overblown? Friends have gone and liked it, but I’d like to see it for myself.

I know these are primarily in the US, but you gotta start somewhere. Now when will this travel take place? Who knows. But it’d be nice to knock out at least one during 2005. Feel free to share your lists, too.

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DATE: Thursday December 30, 2004 -- 8:01:12 am
Weed is legal in canada, sooo, hmm. I want to visit nyc too, i live an hour out of philadelphia and i moved here from pittsburgh 5 years ago, today, wow it is my anniversary awesome. Well yes, i have never been to nyc and it is so close. I wanna go to aspen to snowboard too. or like the japanese alps. australia would be nice or like some really nice warm place in the caribean.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Thursday December 30, 2004 -- 9:18:21 am
Having visited both Chi-Town and NYC, you're going to be disappointed if you're looking for a city that is much bigger than Chicago. NYC is definitely not much bigger than Chi area wise. In fact, its impression upon the eye is that it is much smaller. The difference is that NYC is way taller. It holds all those people one atop the other. Walking around, you sort of feel like a rat in wall, or a cockroach because it's so cramped.

Chi, on the other hand, is much more spread out. When you drive in from the east on 90W, after you've passed through Gary, Indiana, you go over the Calumet river and then BOOM! There's this giant city that takes up the whole horizon. But when you're in the city, you feel like you have enough room and enough personal space. Even the el is less intimidating than the subway because it travels outside. In NYC, they put you down in a dark tube, like a turd passing through the bowels of the monster.

Driving into New York, you sort of stumble onto it after you get fleeced to cross over the pain-in-the-butt GW bridge (at least from my direction). You can't get any perspective on the city. Suddenly, you're just in a road that was placed at the bottom of a trench with trucks whizzing by. There are tall buildings and people, but you can't see anything. Once, I had the lovely luck of driving an entire moving truck through NYC during the big black out. SUCKED!

If I had my choice, I'd visit Chi again. NYC is dead last on the list of American cities to visit east of the Mississippi.

My short list:

Montreal, Paris, London, Berlin, Milan, Rome--I've never travelled overseas. I'm not even sure if I've even been to Canada. I went to Niagara Falls as a kid, but I don't even know if I crossed the border.

FROM: Chris [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday December 30, 2004 -- 9:50:03 am
Growing up a military brat..I've been all over the place already. I spent 4 years in Spain, and graduated high school in the Marshall Islands. The list of places I really want to get to is actually quite short.

Ireland - I'd like to spend a couple of weeks bumming around Ireland, hanging out in pubs drinking Guinness and getting in touch with my Irish roots.

Australia - I'm still mad at my parents for not taking me there when we lived in the Marshall Islands. We were so close, relatively speaking.

In the US - I've been to most of the major cities already. I'd like to spend some time exploring the west, the National Parks of Utah, and the Grand Canyon. I love Boston, but I wouldn't want to live there, it's too crowded for me. Same thing with Chicago, great city, wouldn't want to live there. Two larger cities that I've visited that did intrigue me are San Antonio and Toronto.

FROM: Chris
DATE: Thursday December 30, 2004 -- 9:51:55 am
Paul, my impression of Toronto was that it is the cleanest large city I'd ever been to. It was very international too - much more so than I expected.

And the women there were hot.

FROM: Heather
DATE: Thursday December 30, 2004 -- 11:58:12 am
I too am a military brat. We lived in Heidelburg

FROM: Heather
DATE: Thursday December 30, 2004 -- 12:05:16 pm
what I was going to say before my 2 year old hit enter was...
Lived in Germany (went to Berlin before the wall was down) lived in England - an hour north of London - and I loved it!! For field trips in H.S. we were free to wander London before the main event. I would totally recommend going and checking out Scotland too. Also got to visit Norway, which in the summer is a cool expirience, what with the "Midnight Sun" and all. Very clean & very friendly. Austraila is where I'd dig visiting.

FROM: Matthew Mullen
DATE: Thursday December 30, 2004 -- 12:33:11 pm
I would like to go back to Ireland - a beatiful counrty. Very green and rocky. Austrailia or N Zealand for scuba or fly fishing would be great. I would also enjoy taking a dip in the thermal pools in Iceland and checking out the geology. I saw a Globe Trekker show last night on Ecuador that looked very cool - waterfalls and awesome hiking. Lastly, I want to go back to Tahiti, specifically Bora Bora, and relax. NICE!

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday December 30, 2004 -- 1:12:28 pm
I'm a huge fan of NYC... no matter how many times I go back, it's still my favorite of all the big cities. On the flipside, San Fran didn't really impress me all that much during my two visits there (though I still had a good time, minus the whole "crack whore" incident, and wouldn't mind heading back again).

In 2005, we've got plans to head back to NYC and Seattle. Other cities I'd like to see: Portland, London, Paris, Hanoi, Tokyo, and a yet-to-be-determined Canadian city.

FROM: Monica
DATE: Thursday December 30, 2004 -- 1:33:22 pm
Quebec, Nova Scotia, British Columbia (esp. the Canadian Rockies), Toronto, Kyoto, Ireland, France, southern Germany and Switzerland, Picton (for doing the Queen Charlotte track), Iceland.... and NYC and Boston. And Nick wants to go to Victoria again, so I guess there too.
Happy travels, everyone!

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday December 30, 2004 -- 2:35:35 pm
I agree with Chris on all accounts of Toronto: Cleanest City ever.....and the women....oh my, oh my, oh my. OH CANADA! indeed.

NYC has grown on me. I hated it for a long time..the overcrowded streets and sidewalks, the attitude. Within the last year, though, I've had several great trips to the NY, and it has changed my opinion quite a bit.

For me, I'm looking forward to a trip to LA next month..part business, part trip to see "The Price is Right!".

BTW, I've got two extra tickets to see TPiR on January 27th...any Pingers wanna take a trip? ;p

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Thursday December 30, 2004 -- 4:28:02 pm

Portland, ME or Portland, OR? Or some other Portland?

What state is Canada in?

FROM: dave
DATE: Thursday December 30, 2004 -- 5:11:17 pm
Still on my list - Vancouver, Paris, Japan, New Zealand.

I grew up near Toronto (on the US side) and always enjoyed visiting there - but the best part of Canada is Nova Scotia, especially Cape Breton. That's probably my favorite place I've ever been to.

I was fortunate enough to live in NYC for a summer - you see it through different eyes after an extended stay. I get quite nostalgic about it at times.

Finally took the plunge and booked tickets for Buenos Aires - we're going in a few months!

FROM: Terry M.
DATE: Thursday December 30, 2004 -- 6:50:55 pm
Here's my list of places I want to go. I hope to cover 1/3 of these in 2005. And hopefully the rest by mid-2006 when I go on sabbatical.

- Havana
- Sydney
- Port au Prince
- Tel Aviv
- Frankfurt
- Tokyo
- Port Harnocourt, Nigeria
- Amsterdam
- Mexico City (I've been all over northern & central Mexico but never the DF)
- Chiapas
- China (don't know where)
- Russia (also don't know where)

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday December 30, 2004 -- 10:55:23 pm
Hey, Terry! Welcome back!

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday December 30, 2004 -- 10:55:53 pm
(Oh, and Joseph, I meant Portland, OR.)

FROM: jk
DATE: Thursday December 30, 2004 -- 11:31:14 pm
I would like to visit Greece because I crave Greek food constantly AND it looks gorgeous in photos. Those white buildings are just amazing!

I would also like to see sounds very European yet cheaper than a flight overseas.

I have been to most countries in Western Europe (ahh the stories I could ping!) and had plans to visit Russia this past Spring to see my brother, but he moved to Thailand in February and I don't enjoy the heat. I just really wanted to see what had become of the former USSR since I am such a child of the Cold War. I spent quite a bit of time in East Germany prior to 1989 and grew up with stories of the invading Soviets in my dad's village, so I wanted to see the other side of the story.

When my brother lived in Russia (he is incidentally ok despite the tragedy in Asia), he said that Russians could spot a foreigner in one simple way: they smiled while walking down the street or through a store. Oh, and they wore bright clothes! Kent quickly perfected his scowl and wore a lot of grey, and on occasion pretended to be a German citizen when anti-American sentiment and violence against him were a concern.

I would also like to go to Hawaii. I would love to float in nice warm, clear water......

FROM: Tina
DATE: Friday December 31, 2004 -- 11:48:21 am
SF...lived there for 5 years. I'm sure it's a blast to visit, but honestly it's a total financial drain to live there. If you're not a millionaire, or not even on your way to becoming one, trust me, live somewhere else!

FROM: Rob [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday January 3, 2005 -- 4:16:21 pm
There are probably a lot of places I'd like to go, but the ones I can think of off the top of my head that I REALLY want to visit are: Arizona (mostly for the big freakin' crater, really), Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Greece, and Australia. I imagine there are other nifty places, too, particularly in the U.S. Hopefully I'll get to some of them in this lifetime.

FROM: Rafael (Seattle)
DATE: Tuesday January 4, 2005 -- 12:11:17 pm
Places that I would love to visit here in the near future are:
- Sidney
- England
- Ireland
- Russia
- Tokyo
- Ecuador
- Spain
- Rome

Places that I would like to visit here in the states are:
- Texas
- Florida
- Washington DC
- Louisiana
- Tennessee
- Chicago
- Illinois

I'm with Rob, I would like to visit a few more in this lifetime...I'm sure I will get a chance...maybe not all the ones that I have listed but just a few on my list would be cool.

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