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December 31st, 2004

On the Eve of the New Year

I looked back through previous New Year’s Eve Pings and realize that I’ve only written one that had anything to do with New Year’s Eve. And it was pretty much of a downer.

The past few years we’ve gone to small gatherings with friends and rung in the new year with them. It’s a potluck and there are some board games and good conversation to pass the evening. This year I have today off rather than New Year’s Day, so there’s plenty of time to relax and prepare the food, always a good thing.

How will you be Pinging in the new year this year?

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FROM: Chris [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday December 31, 2004 -- 11:28:01 am
We are going to do First Night Fredericksburg with the kids until about 9 PM, when they drop the mini pear for the kids.

BTW - as a former you have any idea WTF the deal is with the Pear? Of all the things to drop at midnight...a baling wire pear?

Then we'll do our usual lounge on the couch with a bottle of champagne and watch the various New Year's Eve specials.

DATE: Friday December 31, 2004 -- 1:18:11 pm
I am going to courtneys and watching "various new years eve specials" That should be the ping for tomorrow, what new years special did u watch last night? or are you going to do one of those best of 2004 things? well then at 12 30, ugh, we have to leave, dont new years partys that you have to leave like right after the ball drops suck!?!? like that first 30 minutes goes so fast, last year we stayed there till 2 30 and it even seemed short so 30 minutes is going to be so fast. So i am prolly gonna bring my xbox to dans or rent like san anreas cause he has 2 big screen tvs, like the big screen ones from the 90s that arent thin but they are bigger than thin ones. play some halo 2 if i ever get it back from my dads house, but it sucks because jason is having one too but steve and eric are going there and wont go to dans,

FROM: Merle [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday December 31, 2004 -- 2:51:33 pm
Staying at home, watching new years specials on TV, same as last year.

The crowds and traffic cannot be beat, the food is cheap, and there aren't any cops checking for booze. Sure, the fireworks are not as exciting, but I also do not need to perch on a blanket and lawnchairs for five hours before it starts just to get a good view.

Best of all, I can pick which new year's to celebrate -- east coast if I want to sleep early, west coast if I'm still awake at that hour.

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday December 31, 2004 -- 5:03:04 pm
I'll be holed up in my apartment watching DVDs and drinking Amaretto sour. It'll be grand!

DATE: Friday December 31, 2004 -- 5:34:17 pm
You can come party with me robert

DATE: Friday December 31, 2004 -- 5:39:16 pm
dude there are two comments about new years eve. January 1 2003 talks about the whole new years not just eve.

FROM: jk
DATE: Friday December 31, 2004 -- 9:42:44 pm
I will be fast asleep! The Retail Guru has to get up for work at 7am.

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 1:29:27 am
First ping of 2005! well tonight i went to courneys as planned and now i am at dans as planned once more. i just wanted to post really, but we r gonna stay up playing goldeneye and the rest of the 007 series of ps2 games

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Monday January 3, 2005 -- 11:07:26 am
Instead of booze, we do food.

We have a couple of friends over (a married couple) and we usually make about six courses starting w/ appetizers. I make the same thing every year because it's tradition and everyone really likes it. The couple always wants to change the menu, si they bring something new every year. As usual, what they made this year was lousy and they knew it. The whole point is to stick with a good thing.

Oh well.

I had a good time anyway. We stayed off the roads with all the drunks. I enjoyed the food I made. For dessert I made white chocolate bread pudding, which was always a favorite when I lived in New Orleans. Since I don't live there anymore, I've learned to make it. We served it at about 1am.

Unlike Ken's friends, my guests get to stay in the guest bed. In the morning, I always make whole wheat chocolate waffles with whipped cream and strawberries, mint leaves and rasperry preserves garnish.

We drank some champagne, too, but I'm more interested in the food.

I share the recipe for white chocolate bread pudding because it's easy to make and is roll your eyes and dream about it at night good. Later, we can devote a Ping to those Pingers who made the white chocolate bread pudding became the stars of the office pot luck.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Monday January 3, 2005 -- 11:10:01 am
Oops. Palace Cafe white chocolate bread pudding recipe

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday January 3, 2005 -- 2:05:33 pm
All night poker party -- I did pretty well considering how late we played, and how little I slept. Poker till 5am, was on the air at 6am. Man, I was tired. :)

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