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January 7th, 2005

Lottery Tickets

When I turned 18, I bought a Pick 6 lottery ticket pretty much every week. It seemed like a rite of passage, so I did it. Never won anything.

These days, I don’t bother (knowing me, I’d see that I won the jackpot and then wait too long to turn the ticket in to get the money… I have a problem with that, you know). However, once in a great while I’ll pick up a scratch-off ticket. A few months back I picked up two in Fredericksburg for $2 a piece and won $10. A couple Christmases ago, I got one in my stocking that was a winner, so I got the money and bought a couple more with it. I won yet more money and got more tickets. And won more money. At that point I stopped. But I was on a roll!

I haven’t played a Pick-6 game in years. Probably not even in the last five. Scratch-offs I’ll do a couple times a year. Are you a lottery player? Even just occasionally?

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