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January 8th, 2005

Another Stupid Lawsuit

You know, President Bush was in Illinois this past week campaigning for lawsuit caps against the medical industry. He’d do much better, and gain more favor, outlawing lawsuits from dumbasses.

So some guy has sued Apple for “forcing” him to buy an iPod. He says that it’s not possible for him to use his iTunes Music Store downloads on any other player.

Ladies and gentlemen, here is how to use your downloads on any other player. Multi-step, yes. A bit of a pain, yes. Possible? Absolutely.

  1. Download music.
  2. Put music into a playlist.
  3. Burn CD.
  4. Import CD back into iTunes as MP3s.
  5. Copy MP3 files to your non-iPod.

Oh, look at that! I just saved Apple a ton of cash. All for free. This is the dumbest, stupidest lawsuit I’ve seen in some time. I hope this thing gets thrown out.

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