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February 16th, 2005

Comfort Food

Food is a pretty powerful thing. Sure, sure, it’s basic and is required in order to live… but it’s so much more. If one feels like having spicy food, it’s easy to get. Mild? Easy. Rich? Nicely textured? Minty? All quite easy to obtain. Nearly every taste is out there.

Ah but there are a few things that pop into our minds as “comfort food.” It’s interesting to think that food can evoke such deep feelings, but it can. Comfort food can take us back to our childhoods (and usually does,) or remind us of easier times. With that said, a pretty solid comfort food dish for me is my mom’s breaded pork tenderloin (the only way I’ll eat pork) – a solid Bohemian tradition – with mashed potatoes and corn. Starchy? Yes. Comfortable? Oh yeah.

Also, chocolate chip cookies need to be mentioned. Hot, fresh cookies straight from the oven.

I’d like to hear your ideal comfort food, and if things get really good, I might ask for recipes.

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