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February 16th, 2005

Comfort Food

Food is a pretty powerful thing. Sure, sure, it’s basic and is required in order to live… but it’s so much more. If one feels like having spicy food, it’s easy to get. Mild? Easy. Rich? Nicely textured? Minty? All quite easy to obtain. Nearly every taste is out there.

Ah but there are a few things that pop into our minds as “comfort food.” It’s interesting to think that food can evoke such deep feelings, but it can. Comfort food can take us back to our childhoods (and usually does,) or remind us of easier times. With that said, a pretty solid comfort food dish for me is my mom’s breaded pork tenderloin (the only way I’ll eat pork) – a solid Bohemian tradition – with mashed potatoes and corn. Starchy? Yes. Comfortable? Oh yeah.

Also, chocolate chip cookies need to be mentioned. Hot, fresh cookies straight from the oven.

I’d like to hear your ideal comfort food, and if things get really good, I might ask for recipes.

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FROM: Bill
DATE: Wednesday February 16, 2005 -- 10:59:52 am
A good one for me has always been good ol Mac n Cheese, not the kraft kind but the really good baked kind like Moms make. Dont forget a tall glass of milk with those cookies

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Wednesday February 16, 2005 -- 11:57:29 am
Stuffed cabbage, stuffed peppers, sausage and green beans. But since I don't eat red meat or pork anymore, the taste is just a fond memory.

Garlic roast beef! My fave! With mashed potatoes, aus jus, and apple sauce.

Corned beef and cabbage soup!

Yes, these all remind me of childhood and make for good memories.

The memories all include being surrounded by my huge family, also, many of whom have since departed. It's just not the same to eat this stuff by myself. The memories live on.

My new comfort food (no red meat, no pork). Vegetarian chili (my own secret recipe--keeps 'em coming back for more. Chicken & Mushrooms Josue, vegetable lasagna and vegetarian stuffed peppers (I'll try cabbage soon).

Breakfast comfort food: Fried eggs with the following on the side: saffron rice, black beans cooked in onion, chilis and vinegar, a big ol' scoop of sour cream, salsa and warm tortillas or wheat toast. Oh yeah!

FROM: Heather
DATE: Wednesday February 16, 2005 -- 12:43:32 pm
Bread right out of the oven with butter and homemade jam or honey.

FROM: Monica
DATE: Wednesday February 16, 2005 -- 1:46:47 pm
mashed potatos, oh yes. Soft, warm garlic bread. And oatmeal raisin cookies. I made some today! :-) mmmmm....

FROM: Cat [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday February 16, 2005 -- 3:22:14 pm
I have a lot of comfort foods, which is a good thing, as I often need comforting. ;)

Some of them...

Mac & Cheese from the box, but spruced up with sour cream and a couple good cheeses. I'm with Monica on garlic bread. Mmmm. Rice n' beans.
Popcorn. French toast.

My mom used to make huge baskets of thin fries--I've never found the like. But fries still make me remember her.

So, why can't I have a comfort food like, say, broccoli?

FROM: aharris
DATE: Wednesday February 16, 2005 -- 4:46:35 pm
My mom makes the best mac n' cheese. Sometimes she'll make my favorite meal which is fried fish (whiting usually) mac n' cheese and cornbread. Mmm mmm.. (I know, where are the vegetables :)

Another favorite dish she makes is green beans & potatoes. It's a very Southern thing so most ppl either don't know what I'm talking about or think I'm crazy.

FROM: Kate
DATE: Wednesday February 16, 2005 -- 10:10:06 pm
Chocolate bars and Coke slurpees are addictions I share with my dad, so they remind me of him.

Hot cocoa (with marshmallows) remind me of coming inside during the winter when my mom would have it all ready for us. Spaghetti-Os remind me of the good ol' days, as well.

FROM: Monica
DATE: Thursday February 17, 2005 -- 5:15:17 pm
oh, how could I've forgotten french toast! Cat, have you seen/used Alton Brown's recipe? (drroooool)

sounds like we should have a Ping mac-n-cheese -off!

FROM: jk
DATE: Thursday February 17, 2005 -- 5:49:56 pm
Monica, thank you for the link! I saw him make this last year and never tried to recreate it myself. He was adamant about the bread being stale or day-old, something that explains why my own attempts were never too successful.

La Fonda in Santa Fe has the best French toast in the world.

My favorite comfort food goes nicely with this.....hash browns!! I crave them at night, and the local 24-hour diner makes a wonderful potato. I do try not to eat them more than once a month. I fill in with mashed potatoes.

I also like a good hot roast beef sandwich on wheat bread or toast with my mashed potatoes.

Have any of you had Spaetzle? They too are best with gravy.

FROM: Merle [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday February 17, 2005 -- 10:57:52 pm
When I was a wee lad, I had horrific allergies, so "comfort food" does not mean "relive childhood" for me. I only truly discovered food after (a) I could consume grains and dairy, and (b) I discovered food from other cultures.

I find oriental soups to be my comfort food du jour, no matter the country or soup: I generally like them all. I'm a soup guy, and I like spicy things. If I had to choose, I would pick yuk gae jang, a Korean soup.

And, Cat: there's no reason you cannot have broccoli as a comfort food. It's what makes you feel good that defines the term. Heck, people have fetishes for the colour orange. And broccoli is pretty tasty, if prepared well... Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce is one of my fave dim sum dishes...

FROM: Allie
DATE: Friday February 18, 2005 -- 3:48:40 pm
Yummy...this is a good topic. My comfort no particular order include: mashed potatoes, pizza, anything with butter cream frosting, coke slurpees, warm bread, mac n'cheese with ham in it, saurkraut over the mashed potatoes or stewed tomatoes over the mashed potatoes...mmm i am getting hungry thinking about it!

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday February 18, 2005 -- 5:40:14 pm
I had to take some time to think about this topic before replying... as I don't eat most of my childhood comfort foods anymore. However, some can be veganized and I get them same warm, fuzzy feeling... like grilled cheese using Joanne Stepaniak's recipe (nice and gooey)... cheesesteak hoagies, pho (obviously a more recent comfort food), cold spaghetti salad (my mom's recipe)...

Fortunately, comfort foods can change with time... more recently this creamy fennel soup recipe, chocolate chocolate chip cookies, and paella have fit the comfort food bill...

One will *always* be around, though: popcorn (formerly with spray butter, now with olive oil, sea salt, and nutritional yeast...).

DATE: Saturday February 19, 2005 -- 1:59:15 pm
Ice cream is my ultimate comfort food, creamy and right out of the contianer.

FROM: Drew
DATE: Saturday April 2, 2005 -- 7:02:13 pm
Top favorite: Mac and cheese from scratch, not from the box that has artificial cheese and whatever flavorings that are in there. Also fries and popcorn chicken.

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