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February 17th, 2005

Mismatched Musical Tastes

My wife and I have a lot in common. However, we’re also different in about as many ways. We like to say we “complement” each other.

One of the ways where we differ most is in our musical tastes. She comes from a much more traditional, mainstream background and can stilll listen to the radio without jabbing her eardrums with a pencil. That is very unlike me. The four stations I have in memory in my car are the local Pacifica affiliate, the two NPR affiliates, and WJFK, the Stern-DonandMike-RonandFez station. My musical tastes are wide reaching, but they rarely include anything that comes on the radio. I’ll go from listening to the Geto Boys to avant garde jazz to noise to reggae to blues to folk in one trip. And most of the stuff I listen to grinds on my wife’s nerves.

How closely do your musical tastes match with your significant other’s?

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