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February 17th, 2005

Mismatched Musical Tastes

My wife and I have a lot in common. However, we’re also different in about as many ways. We like to say we “complement” each other.

One of the ways where we differ most is in our musical tastes. She comes from a much more traditional, mainstream background and can stilll listen to the radio without jabbing her eardrums with a pencil. That is very unlike me. The four stations I have in memory in my car are the local Pacifica affiliate, the two NPR affiliates, and WJFK, the Stern-DonandMike-RonandFez station. My musical tastes are wide reaching, but they rarely include anything that comes on the radio. I’ll go from listening to the Geto Boys to avant garde jazz to noise to reggae to blues to folk in one trip. And most of the stuff I listen to grinds on my wife’s nerves.

How closely do your musical tastes match with your significant other’s?

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FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday February 17, 2005 -- 10:56:56 am
While my GF and I agree on some things, (usually opinions on most Top 40 stuff), we vary quite a bit. I like a lot of 70's Soul, Jazz, and stand up Comedy, while she is into Broadway shows/soundtracks and (ahem)....American Idol.

Even if we don't like what the other is listening to, we seem to tolerate it and take turns. That said, I have heard the Soundtrack to "Rent" and "Wicked" about 3000 times in the last 6 months, while she has listened to a Chris Rock CD once or twice. Ah, such is a relationship. ;)

(BTW, Don and Mike are on 106.7, WJFK.)

FROM: Chris [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday February 17, 2005 -- 11:02:38 am
They don't. My wife really doesn't pay attention to music. When she does, she tends to like standard top 40 stuff - Clay Aiken and his ilk.
I grew up listening to metal, although my tastes have mellowed a bit and I now listen primarily to roots rock / alt country and folk.

I did take her to a folk concert last year that she enjoyed. So there is hope :)

FROM: Rob [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday February 17, 2005 -- 11:15:25 am
You may like to say you "compliment" each other (which I hope you do anyhow, since you supposedly like each other), but I bet you'd rather your differences "complemented" each other.

Anyhow... our musical tastes are fairly similar. The only thing she listens to that I really can't stand is country. But she can't stand my rap, J-rock, J-pop, or metal. There are enough similarities in taste, though, that we don't want to inflict bodily harm on each other when listening to the radio in the car.

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday February 17, 2005 -- 11:56:43 am
Damn, the typo/grammar police are out in full force.

Dave -- I meant WJFK, of course.

Rob -- Complemented. Yes. You're right.

FROM: Heather
DATE: Thursday February 17, 2005 -- 12:37:12 pm
I often comment to my husband that I can't believe we got together based on our musical tastes. He's into the "hair bands" and a little rap, while I'm into what some might label Emo and pop punk. Since we listen to our kids' favorite band - The Wiggles in the car, we suffer together.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Thursday February 17, 2005 -- 1:21:37 pm
Taste in music used to be so important to me. But then, everyone I listened to began to suck and I've never replaced them. I think the same is true for my significant other.

Recently, a friend gave her the CD soundtrack to "Garden State" and we've both quite enjoy it. We listen to it in her car. My latest car only has a radio, and I have not been moved by the love of music to add some sort of music player. The speakers rock though, and if Led Zepelin's playing, we crank it and jam. (We never listend to Led Zepelin growing up, so it's new for both of us).

Otherwise, it's NPR.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Thursday February 17, 2005 -- 1:24:45 pm
But when we're cleaning the house she likes to put on "Les Miserables." That's like fingernails against a chalkboard to me--but I tolerate it so long as the work gets done.

FROM: Rob [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday February 17, 2005 -- 1:50:54 pm
Oh yeah. Joseph reminded me of another thing she doesn't really like... classic rock. Some of it she likes, but there's a really small amount she'll tolerate. However, she IS getting good at recognizing certain bands, like Boston, Led Zeppelin, Yes, and the Doors. For this, I'm proud of her.

FROM: Tina
DATE: Friday February 18, 2005 -- 9:49:02 am
Musical taste used to be a dealbreaker for me - if you weren't into Britpop and you didn't know who the Cure or the Smiths were, it was sayonara to you. Now, I'm willing to tolerate the fact that my husband thinks that Stereolab is just a smaller department at Radioshack. It's kinda cute. :) But we both love swing and I think he's coming to understand my Susanne Vega obsession, so we're doing okay.

DATE: Friday June 24, 2005 -- 1:21:07 am
this is a great 1st date topic, and it carries thru to "older" relationships. My faves include Little Feat, Todd Rundgren, and The Sons of Champlin, more recently the Dixie Dregs, Moving Hearts, Orleans, Clapton, Fountains of Wayne, a little Bela Fleck, Suzanne Vega, too(met her backstage at Molly's on the Cape...crystalline voice, nary a semitone out of pitch, a little distant tho'), Mary Black, Van Morrison, all types of blues, including Blood, Sweat and Tears 1st album with Al Kooper, a few hundred World Music unknowns, Arturo Sanduval, Scriabin, Gilbero Gil, Jim Nichols, Hal Howland, Oscar Peterson, Rachmaninov, Lennon, Orbit, The Tubes, and lots more, but no country whatsoever. My ex-significant other likes Celine Dion and Clay Aiken, argh!!!. I have Don and Mike, Ron and Fez, Bill Maher, Al Franken, CSpan, WTOP, HSF*wishful thinking* and Pacifica on at all times, she never turns the radio on while driving. I have several audio systems thru-out the house, she listens to Days of Our Lives as background. It's amazing how adaptable we become when there's terrific s-e-x at stake. ppdd, Doc

FROM: Emily
DATE: Wednesday April 5, 2006 -- 12:06:12 pm
You want to talk about musical difference, check this out.

I'm a self-proclaimed househead and electronic music junkie. On top of being an advertising account exectuive (as is my boyfriend, that's how we met) I'm a music promoter and my life somewhat revolves around EDM (electronic dance music.)

I'm very very into the genre - I could name about 1,000 different DJs and produers that I jive with, and I constantly listen to house / electronica / techno / drum n bass / breakbeats.

My boyfriend loves what I like to call "guy with a guitar" music. College acoustic folk-y rock type stuff like Ben Harper, Mason Jennings, G Love and the Special Sauce, etc. We have a great time going out and listening to live shows, and we connect on so many levels but we are NIGHT and DAY musically!

Since we are both so passionate about music, sometimes we think to ourselves, what is going on here? But I think it all comes down to MUTUAL RESPECT, openness, and the idea that just because someone doesn't groove to your groove that you can still GET DOWN, LOL!

I have actually come to like our different taste in music. I love to ride in his car on a warm day, windows down, and jam out to his lyrically-drenched, warm, loyal kind of music. It's not my groove, but I love it because it represents who my boyfriend is. I think he has a harder time with my music - b/c EDM is not just a sound, it's an underground, "secret" sub-culture of sorts. You either get it or you don't get it.

It's a peculiar thing, taste in music. Makes for great sexual tension, that's for sure! *hahaha*

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday April 5, 2006 -- 6:41:45 pm
If there's one thing the Ping needs more of, it's sexual tension. Yeeeeeeah, baby.

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday April 5, 2006 -- 11:00:08 pm
What, Paul and I don't give you enough, Dave?

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