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February 15th, 2005

Spiraling Out of Control

I’ve complained here a few times before about spam. And, yeah, I know it’s getting kind of tired to do so. But I just wanted to throw some numbers at you.

My first-line-of-defense spam filter (SpamCop) seemed to be misclassifying a number of non-spam as spam, so on Friday I turned the filtering off and took on the barrage of spam. Between Friday evening and Sunday morning, I had 3,500 messages in my inbox. 3,500.

Yesterday, I checked my SpamCop “held box” and between January 27th and yesterday (excluding the aforementioned 3500 messages), 30,000 messages had been stopped. That’s about 1,900 spam a day, if you count the spam that occasionally makes it past SpamCop.

As I said to Paul yesterday, I wish SpamAssassin was an actual job description… because these guys need to be shot.

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