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March 3rd, 2005

Urinal Cakes

(Juvenile discussion ahead.)

The big news around our office (well, around my own personal office, at least) is that we have new urinal cakes in the men’s room. They even have a web address on them ( It’s clear that we live in a great world when you can pee on a URL. Some of the writing was really small, though… I had to do this to read what it said.

I got to thinking, though, about urinal cakes. First of all, the fact they’re referred to as “cakes” is a bit disconcerting. I mean, getting one with a candle in it for your birthday would probably not be so nice (although a birthday cake that looked like a urinal cake would be really cool).

And while our new ones have URLs, have you ever seen the ones that say “Don’t Do Drugs!” on them? Kind of weird placement considering what one does to the message on the cake (or, more correctly, the guard that surrounds the cake). Besides, has anyone ever been really stoned while standing at a urinal, only to decide to go clean after being inspired by the message at the end of his stream? Prolly not.

I think I best stop here before I stoop any lower. (Har! Any lower! Get it?!)

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