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March 7th, 2005

Vacations In Your Own House

Wherever I’ve lived, there’s always been at least one room that I rarely set foot in or used for its intended purpose. Growing up, I rarely used the hall bathroom for my morning shower. My sister would use it while I’d use the one in my parents’ room since they’d already be up and making breakfast. In our townhouse, we didn’t use the hall bathroom. For the first year, this was because we had a roommate. But for the eight months after that, it was the guest bathroom and there was never any reason to use it.

Now, in our house, our upstairs hall bathroom is the guest bathroom and is rarely used except by guests. But this morning I used it (clog in our master bathroom shower, rusted drain auger, no time to run out and get Draino, you know how it goes) and realized that it was only the second time I had done so. It was like taking a vacation in my own house! Next thing you know, I’ll be sleeping in the guestroom because it’s cheaper than going on a trip.

Are there any rooms in your current dwelling that you rarely use? Have you noticed this “vacation at home” phenomenon?

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