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March 21st, 2005

The Potty Party

For the past few years I’ve been getting the occasional e-mail meant for this woman because her friends have been e-mailing her at the wrong address. The domain her e-mail address is on is similar, phonetically, to one of my personal domains. I’ve told her friends a number of times over the years to correct their address books, but once an error like that gets out to a group of people, its propagation can’t be stopped. I eventually gave up.

But this weekend I (er, she) was invited by a pair of her friends to a “Potty Party.” This couple had just finished their new bathroom and wanted to throw a party for it. “Come sit on our new throne!” the evite said. Even better, they said they wanted to get pictures of all their closest friends (of which they must have many because there were almost 70 people invited) sitting on the john. “It’s not that kind of party, though,” they clarified. Instead, they had decided to make a collage of pictures of their friends sitting on the toilet to go as a decoration on the bare wall behind the new toilet.

That’s creepy and cool at the same time.

I responded back to the evite letting them know that the e-mail hadn’t gotten to the intended recipient, but that I hoped they had a wonderful potty party.

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FROM: Chris [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday March 21, 2005 -- 10:58:05 am
I once got a party invite meant for the actor.

FROM: Heather
DATE: Monday March 21, 2005 -- 12:47:59 pm
We're potty training our son, so whenever someone goes into the bathroom he wants to follow. I guess he figures it's a Potty Party...

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Monday March 21, 2005 -- 2:37:32 pm

That's amazing. Things that come with fame that you don't even think about. You have some smallish parts in some big movies, a couple of big parts in some practically unknown movies, and next thing you know, people are offering you $5k to come to dinner.

What a life. I wonder how much money it would take to get a real star to come to some lamo developer's dinner.

I wonder how much it would cost to get a real star to come to a potty party and take a photo on the brand new can?

Does the invitation include breaking in the new commode with a genuine Grade A dump?

If I throw a regular party, the understanding is that my potty's for liquid only, unless it's an emergency. Drop the kids off at your own pool.

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