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March 22nd, 2005

Bon Ami

So pretty much since we moved into our current apartment, our bathtub has been a bit on the icky side. There’s some sort of weird texture on the bottom of the tub whose sole purpose is to collect dirt. That’s all it does. Several months after we moved in, the “grid” had become rather awful and grey.

I tried cleaning it with just about everything we had. I started with Soft Scrub, since we had it, but the stuff was a bit scary (chemicals galore!) Plus it didn’t really take care of everything, leaving the tub’s bottom rather bad.

When we were at the supermarket recently we decided to pick up some Bon Ami. Truthfully the first place I’d heard of it was in a Ted L. Nancy book. But there it was, claiming no bleach, detergent, or anything really godawful.

I’m pleased to report that with a bit of elbow grease and a good scrubbing brush, the bottom of our tub is now about 95% clean. That isn’t bad – the “grid” is now a very faint grey (probably about #efefef for you web geeks out there.) Bon Ami also did a nice job on our kitchen sink (a very, very old one) – and don’t tell anyone, but it did a nice job on our car’s wheels and tailpipe, too.

You can consider this Ping a rather ringing endorsement of Bon Ami. It works! And it’s not scary!

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