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March 31st, 2005

Food Processors Are Pretty Indespensible

We got by without a food processor for a number of years. But when I tried making pesto in a blender, I realized it just wasn’t cutting it (har!) and that a food processor would become necessary. We got one as a gift a year or so ago and I’m surprised at how frequently it comes in handy.

Of course, pesto is much, much easier to make since the blades actually chop the basil and you don’t have to keep scraping it down the sides of the bowl. But it’s also handy for making things like pudding, which just wouldn’t get smooth enough in a blender. Its chopping ability is impressive, and even with one of the smaller models, you can still process a fair amount of food.

There are only a few products in my kitchen which I’d hate to have to give up, and our food processor has quickly become one of them.

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