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March 30th, 2005

Enormous Omelet Sandwich

Okay. I’ll be the first to admit that a breakfast at Burger King has probably never been a super-duper healthy choice. But with the Enormous Omelet Sandwich I think they’re pushing things a bit, don’t you?

It wouldn’t be so bad if the thing wasn’t filled with fat and calories. I’m all for having what one’s body really wants, and if yours wants this, swell. But man – it’s got more fat than a Whopper! It’s as if the head honchos at Burger King said, “Let’s make something that has no real value but will get us attention from the media and The Daily Ping!”

Breakfast is a really tough thing in America, it seems. We either have nothing, something really basic (cereal, bagel, donut) or something wackily filling and processed like fast food. Hm… what about falafel for breakfast?

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FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday March 30, 2005 -- 10:00:07 am
I stopped into BK the other day for a salad and Diet Coke (seriously), and saw the picture for that sandwich up in the store.

Only thought in my head as I looked at the picture. EEEEEEEEEEEWW.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Wednesday March 30, 2005 -- 10:35:25 am
You know, part of the problem is how difficult it is to find a diner or cafe that serves breakfast, much less a decent one.

I've lived in a number of cities, and the story is always the same--there are only one or two places that really do breakfast well (and I'm not talking about Denny's) and they are just jam-packed. There are always at least three other competing places that look credible, but the prices are really high and the food sucks.

There's a great place I drive forty-five minutes each way on to on Sundays called Sylvester's in Northampton, MA. The prices are good (same as Denny's) but the food is friggin' fabulous. But they don't take reservations and if you're not in line by 9:00 am, you can pretty much expect not to be seated until noon.

What we really need are more good places to eat and the fast food places with their nonsensical breakfast items would die off.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Wednesday March 30, 2005 -- 1:09:01 pm
I looked at the nutrition information, and I'm confused. Their math is all wrong. When I add up the individual calories, I get 720, but they give a total of 730, and the rest of the calculation appear to be off, too. Am I missing something?

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday March 30, 2005 -- 3:02:00 pm
Joseph -- Those "where should you live" quizzes I take always put Northampton in the top 2 or 3. I don't recall if "breakfast" was one of the topics they quizzed on...

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Wednesday March 30, 2005 -- 3:57:55 pm
I see that Hartford, CT ranked high on Paul's list--along with Chicago. Having had extended visits in Chicago and presently being a resident of the greater Hartford area, comparing the two, I see no resemblance.

Chicago's awesome. Hartford? Eh, so-so. Not much going on, really. So little in fact that finding a good breakfast place is about as exciting as it gets (yawn).

DATE: Wednesday March 30, 2005 -- 7:22:09 pm

DATE: Wednesday March 30, 2005 -- 7:27:48 pm
I say we boycott breakfast. From now on anything that causes problems will be taken away and put into a little box. Well not a box but it will be forgotten. We could just naje some other meal and give it a less sucky name than "breakfast" i mean wtf!

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday March 30, 2005 -- 8:46:27 pm
I say we boycott breakfast

Hell no..unless eating Golden Grahams with chocolate milk becomes acceptable for dinner, breakfast still rules the roost. Just not a breakfast with more fat and cholestrol than a steak dinner.

FROM: jk
DATE: Wednesday March 30, 2005 -- 9:14:22 pm
Joseph, I think one gets fat just from holding the sandwich, thus explaining the extra 10 calories.

Dave, you put chocolate milk on your Golden Grahams? Hmm, never thought of that.

There are many diners in my area that are open 24 hours a day, serving breakfast all day and all night. I have been known to stop for hashbrowns at 1am, to go. It's way too smoky in the place at that time.

I am making soft-boiled eggs right now! It's the European blood in me. I even have hand-knit "warmers" that my grandmother made to keep them hot while you are eating something else.

FROM: Monica
DATE: Wednesday March 30, 2005 -- 9:44:02 pm
no-one eats fruit for breakfast? It's nice to start the day with fiber. ;-)

hey, jk--it's national crochet month! not knitting month (I wonder when that is), but the warmers reminded me of that.

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday March 31, 2005 -- 10:14:32 am
jk --

Chocolate milk and Golden Grahams. Very decadent...probably a bit of overkill, but is great.

FROM: Andy
DATE: Friday April 1, 2005 -- 8:23:19 am
A number of years ago on a "business" trip to Las Vegas, I joined some co-workers for breakfast at the hotel cafe. One of them had four orders of cinnamon toast and chocolate milk. Just the sight of it was nearly enough to make me ill, although the previous night's activities may have contributed.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Friday April 1, 2005 -- 1:19:44 pm
Next time I go to the grocery store, I'm definitely buying Golden Grahams. What type of chocolate milk do you prefer, Dave?
Do you buy Quick in a carton, or some grocery store brand of ready made chocolate milk? Do you buy syrup or powder and mix it with white milk first and then put it on the cereal? (Seems tedious--but you can vary the chocolate to milk ratio and make super chocolate milk). In a pinch, would Yoo-Hoo substitute?

FROM: Merle [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday April 1, 2005 -- 3:35:40 pm
That's okay, try Hardee's "Monster Thickburger":

1,420 calories and 107 grams of fat.

And, of course, they have a value meal where you can add fries and soda. *shudder*

Now you can boycott all meals!

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday April 1, 2005 -- 5:14:17 pm
Have a Enormous Omelet Sandwich for breakfast, a Monster Thickburger for lunch, and a tiny l'il cheesesteak for dinner. That's good eatin'.

FROM: jk
DATE: Friday April 1, 2005 -- 9:23:53 pm
Joseph, Dave--I am an Ovaltine woman so I too can control the chocolate ratio....would this be tasty?

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday April 2, 2005 -- 9:10:41 am
I find the chocolate milk-Golden Grahams to be extremely tasty. The key is to not get milk that is TOO thick or chocolatey. Ovaltine works well, jk. Personally, Nesquik in the carton. Usually, the store-brand milk seems to be too thick for my liking.

As for Yoohoo..I've never tried that combination of Golden Grahams and Yoohoo..but I'm intrigued.

FROM: Merle [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday April 3, 2005 -- 2:07:30 pm
Ryan: I think if you had an Enormous Omelet Sandwich and a Monster Thickburger in the same week, you would not be worried about supper.

Maybe that's what we should do. Instead of sending money to Ethiopia so they can buy a sheep, let's just send them Monster Thickburgers. "For a contribution of just $5, we will send them a Monster Thickburger, which will feed a family of four for a week."

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday April 4, 2005 -- 9:34:36 am
Ryan: I think if you had an Enormous Omelet Sandwich and a Monster Thickburger...

If it was me, specifically, my body would surely go into shock.

FROM: matthew
DATE: Tuesday April 5, 2005 -- 9:31:09 am
YooHoo is not milk...its chocolate water! I wouldnt advise mixing cereal into it :(

im a college student and last semester for my english class, after watching supersize me, I did a bit of dietary research, and conviently in the same week Hardees launche the monster thickburger...

Oh my god what a monstrosity. They have an app on their website where you can put together a meal, adding items to your 'bag' and then it calculates the nutritional value... that thing plus a drink and fries...INSANE. Well over the daily TOTALS for calorie consumption...FOR LUNCH.

What worries me is the people who work in office parks or something and only have so long to pop out and pick up lunch...some might go for this thing, then go back to their office, sit there and consume a days worth of fat and calories... really too bad too sad.

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