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April 1st, 2005


Over at 90% Crud, George is celebrating April Fool’s Day by making his site available via gopher.

I just want to point out that I had the exact same idea a few weeks back, I just never said it in public:

Ryan: So I think for April Fool’s this year, i’m going to mock up a press release for our web site (viewable only internally) announcing our company’s new Gopher site.

Paul: Oh, nice idea!

Paul: Finally!

Ryan: I’ll probably say something about how new business cards will be handed out with the gopher address…

Paul: You should also announce withdrawal of the website, given the WWW’s shaky foundation. Gopher is the future.

Ryan: Exactly.

Ryan: what would be really cool would be if I actually set up a gopher server…

Ryan: if only i had the time.

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