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April 12th, 2005

So, What’s For Lunch?

A simple day calls for a simple Ping. What’s for lunch today, kids?

I think I’m going with a pretty standard lineup of a sandwich (either turkey or ham) with chips and/or celery on the side. But I admit, I am starting to miss the hot lunches from grammar school a little bit… there was nothing like getting a piping hot tray with “tacos” in it.

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FROM: Alex C.
DATE: Tuesday April 12, 2005 -- 7:05:32 am
Left over Pad Thai. Yum!

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Tuesday April 12, 2005 -- 8:43:40 am
Frozen something or other . . . stick it in the microwave and eat it and forget about it.

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday April 12, 2005 -- 8:44:51 am
Stir-fried veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, etc.) over Inca Red Quinoa (leftovers from the other night). Also: two Mint faux-reos, a small handfull of Quilts, a pair o' carrots, and a single Chocosoy.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Tuesday April 12, 2005 -- 12:36:22 pm
On second thought, I'll have some Super Blue Stuff on toast.

FROM: dave
DATE: Tuesday April 12, 2005 -- 2:29:08 pm
No lunch today - I have to fast for my cholesterol test. Damn genetics!

FROM: Monica
DATE: Tuesday April 12, 2005 -- 4:27:31 pm
the ol' pb&j.

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday April 12, 2005 -- 6:15:12 pm
It was an out-to-lunch day today, at the local Bahama Breeze. Conch Chowder and Jerk Shrimp. Yum!

FROM: Chris
DATE: Tuesday April 12, 2005 -- 6:24:52 pm
Met a friend a Chilis for a burger.

DATE: Tuesday April 12, 2005 -- 8:17:11 pm
Lets see...A piece of pretty good school pizza, it kinda fell apart. This pretty good side salad, with out dressing am i the only one who doesnt like dressing? The salad comes with the pizza as did the cup of sliced pineapples. I got a cookie too, this wasnt as good as they were yesterday. The school cookies are the best when only the edges are really cooked, the top looks slightly cooked, but the bottom looks like cookie dough. It is kinda like just eating cookie dough, but it is so good. I almost forogt, i also got a bag of barbeque chips.

FROM: jk
DATE: Tuesday April 12, 2005 -- 9:57:09 pm
I had a jelly sandwich on whole wheat, an apple, a salad with mandarin oranges, some wheat preztels, and Tasty Kakes. And calcium chews.

FROM: Kate
DATE: Tuesday April 12, 2005 -- 10:24:58 pm
Just a fruit cup today. ::hangs head in shame::

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