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May 11th, 2005

The Best Time to Grocery Shop

When it comes time to go grocery shopping, I tend to complain and put it off. But once I actually am in the store shopping, I notice I feel relaxed and am enjoying the experience. Weird.

But one thing that’s consistent: I enjoy shopping much more when there are fewer people there. Worst time: Super Bowl Sunday. Best time: Saturday nights (except maybe the one before Super Bowl Sunday).

I guess people have better things to do on Saturday night, so it’s a great time to get a good parking space, wander the store with the large carts instead of a basket, and never have to say “Excuse me, could you move your cart?” Sunday night is a close second… while it may be slightly busier than Saturday night, they’re usually restocking the shelves, so there may be a slightly better selection of orange juice to choose from.

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