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July 12th, 2005

A Tribute to Willis Carrier

I’d like to take a moment to give a very sincere and boisterous thank you to Willis Carrier. Mr. Carrier is the man who invented air conditioning as we know it today.

Air conditioning is something that we pretty much take for granted nowadays. Our houses are air conditioned (for the most part), our cars are, and our workplaces too. It’s so commonplace that it’s really hard to imagine a world without air conditioning. You go to work, it’s hot. You come home, it’s hot. You drive to the store, it’s hot on the way and it’s hot when you get there.

Oh, and if you don’t have A/C, you can roll your own for about $25.

But none of this – including the Ping – would be possible without air conditioning. Whether you have a splendid central air system, a middling room A/C unit or a home-made thingamajig that cools you down, let’s take a moment to remember the person who made it all possible: Willis Carrier. Thanks, Willis!

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FROM: Joseph
DATE: Tuesday July 12, 2005 -- 10:29:32 am
The ubiquitous "they" said it could not be done. Wrong again.

The interesting thing about air conditioning is that it works opposite the way it feels like it works. Most people think an air conditioner works by blowing cold air into a room, because that's how it feels. Somehow, the hot air inside the room is defeated by the influx of cold air.

But in reality, the air conditioner is a heat exchanger and it removes heat from the room. What's really happening is that the hot air is getting sucked out of the room. The cooler air, with the heat removed, is then replaced back into the room. The real test is the blast of hot air that comes out the back of the box outside. Cool, huh? (no pun intended.)

It's amazing that small home units are available for less than $100 and are light as a feather. When I was in college, in the Deep South, room a/c units, like marijuana, were only for the rich kids. The two together made a formidable aphrodisiac pair to lure the women in. Like most rich kids, they quickly learned that all you need is A.C. and a bag of dope and you never run out of dates.

College kids are so spoiled these days! Now they all can afford dope and A.C. No wonder they're having so much more sex.

Carrier: an appropriate name for the father of the recent explosion of campus STDs.

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