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July 19th, 2005

A Browser Feature I’d Like to See

I love tabbed browsing, especially within a MDI like Opera. But one thing I find myself doing a little too frequently is closing a tab that I didn’t mean to close. Fortunately, Opera has a great multi-level “undo” function for this, but I’d still like to be able to set a flag for a tab that says, “Don’t let me close this tab without confirmation.”

I wouldn’t want to be asked before closing every tab, because that would just get annoying. But if there’s one tab I want to keep open for an extended time, I’d like to help ensure that I don’t close it by accident. For instance, there’s a message forum or two that I like to check frequently, so I like to keep the tab open. But 75% of the time, when I’m done reading it, I’ll close the tab rather than minimize it. That’s when a “don’t let me close this tab” function would come in handy.

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