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July 18th, 2005

The Musical Episode

Without a doubt, my least favorite episodes of any sitcoms are the ones where musicals are performed. I’m not talking about musical numbers – like Six Feet Under‘s well-written ones – but Broadway musicals.

One sticks out in my mind, and that’s the episode (a two-parter even) where the kids of Head of the Class performed “Hair”. And it was just crap, like every musical episode is. We basically get as much of the musical that the network could license, along with some mildly wacky interludes (Arvid screwed something up!) and funny/serious moments (someone barfed, I think, and Mr. Moore had to step in – of course, he had performed “Hair” in his day).

In my sitcom totem pole that I’m currently constructing out of wood and steel, the musical episodes are right under clip shows on the crappiness scale.

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