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August 5th, 2005

Movie Trailer Cliches That Have To Go

In trailers for comedies:

  1. The sound of a needle scraping across a record, bringing a trailer scene to a grinding halt in order to point out an allegedly funny, awkward situation.
  2. The sound of many people gasping at once to indicate someone doing something both allegedly SHOCKING~! and allegedly funny.

In trailers for horror movies:

  1. The stock sound effect of a person screaming. The same scream is used every time… we had it on an Instant Replay machine at my college radio station.
  2. Heavy breathing with pulsing fades.
  3. Little kids saying something allegedly creepy.

In all movies:

  1. Quoting reviews by the Ain’t It Cool guy.
  2. Quoting reviews by people so unknown, their name has to be in tiny, unreadable print.
  3. Quoting reviews by Peter Travers.

Keep in mind, I’m only talking about trailers here, not about the films themselves. Talking about movie cliches is so cliche.

What will never be cliche about movie trailers:

  1. Don LaFontaine

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