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August 18th, 2005

Bad Deals

I’m a fan of good deals but it nearly goes without saying that I’ve had a couple of bad deals in my lifetime. There are two that stand out pretty significantly.

  1. I bought our car at sticker price. I know. I know. This was in the day when the car I wanted (PT Cruiser) wasn’t available at anything but sticker, and sticker price was actually considered a good deal on them. Now? Not so much. I have a feeling this is the last new car we’ll buy. Sticker price is, of course, inflated quite a bit. The good news is that the car’s value hasn’t depreciated as rapidly as expected.
  2. We bought a DVD player right before prices really fell. It was bad timing, but I was jonesing for a DVD player as visions of owning many great films danced in my head. So we bought one. Progressive scan, even, and it was $150. Now that same unit goes for about half price and a decent DVD player can be had for a third of that. The kicker is that we really don’t watch many movies, and haven’t bought DVDs in probably a year.

What of you?

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