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October 25th, 2004

Ashlee Simpson Busted

We all knew Ashlee Simpson was pretty darned untalented, right? I caught five minutes of her reality show last year and determined her voice went through a lot of synthesizing before it hit the record. As I watched Saturday Night Live this past weekend, during Ashleeee’s first song it was painfully clear she was lip-synching. Not only was the voice too “studio” with none of the dynamics of someone singing live, but she wasn’t even close to matching time as she sang. The important part of lip-synching, if you’re going to fool someone, is the actual synching.

Any doubt was removed when Ashleeeeee came on stage for her second song. The music started, but was apparently the wrong song came on (“my band played the wrong song” she said as the show closed). The thing is, parts of the music were clearly being played from another source and Ashleeeeeeee’s vocals started even though her mouth was shut and her microphone was at her side. She bounced around a little bit and walked off stage as her band continued to play for a few moments before they faded to commercial about two minutes early.

My question, though, is why SNL continues to let a decidedly non-“live” act perform on their show. As far as I’m concerned, the Britneys and Ashleeeeeeeeees of the world who can’t manage to perform their own songs shouldn’t be allowed on SNL. It’s bad enough that they sucker fans into paying for their pseudo-live shows for buckets of cash.

Poor, poor Ashleeeeeeeeeeee. Now she surely will lose any of her clearly undeserved popularity (Video here.)

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sam February 28, 2007, 4:32 pm

yeah.. she is terrible live, i know how you feel Dave.

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