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August 21st, 2005

No Reservations

I caught a recent episode of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations, a new travel/foodie show on TLC. Bourdain’s a world-reknowned chef and a bit of a prick, but he encourages viewers to be “travellers, not tourists,” a good bit of advice. On his trip to Vietnam, he did anything but the standard fare. In fact, of all the travelogues we’ve watched about the country, this one was the most unique. Bourdain showed the pleasure of eating at the smallest of roadside shacks and made a trip deep into the mountains to a village of one of Vietnam’s 50 mountain-dwelling ethnic minorities. And though his tough guy attitude comes off more like an act, he occasionally manages to be funny and insightful.

This coming week Bourdains travels to Malaysia. It may be worth checking out if you enjoy this kind of thing.

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