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September 5th, 2005


While preparing for a potluck can be a bit of a daunting task, preparing enough food to bring for a group of people, usually the payoff is well worth it. Last night we went to a potluck at a local farm, which was nice because we knew that everybody had pretty similar tastes. The dishes were well-labeled and, as one other guest put it, people tend to bring their best dish to a potluck, so it’s rare you come across bad food.

Of course, there’s always the inevitable checking of other people’s plates to see if they took any of your dish. After all, no one wants to bring back a dish that’s as full as when you brought it.

Potlucks also serve as a great way of emptying out your fridge. I don’t mean “pull all the moldy vegetables out of the back and serve them,” but we were overrun with veggies from the farm that we had trouble finishing. The potluck gave us a chance to use of a lot of them before they went bad.

I’ll end with a random thought: you don’t see many potluck breakfasts, do you?

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