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September 6th, 2005

A Smaller TV for the Bedroom

Last week or so I was listening to the radio, and an ad came on for Tweeter, the overpriced chain electronics store. The fellow on the ad was talking about how great flat-screen TVs are and he finally asked, “Are you looking for a smaller television for your bedroom?” My internal response was, “Well, actually, that’d be nice!”

Next he said, “How about the thirty-seven inch Mitsubishi?”

Thirty-seven inch TV? Smaller? For the bedroom? I dunno. I mean, that’d take up one of our walls and be about 17 inches bigger than our living room set. It got me wondering and a little worried, though, about the fact that a 37″ monster might be a smaller TV for a lot of people.

Next thing you know, we’ll be talking about putting those tiny 30″ TVs in the bathroom.

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DATE: Tuesday September 6, 2005 -- 2:34:03 pm

FROM: snaily
DATE: Tuesday September 6, 2005 -- 5:33:55 pm
when hurricane katrina first hit florida, me and my family lost electricity for about 3 days. during that time i realized how much better life is without tv! i read the whole time and finished three books, which were much more entertaining then those stupid reality shows. maybe i should get rid of my tv for good?

FROM: Merle [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday September 6, 2005 -- 10:55:11 pm
A coworker recently bought a "bedroom" TV for his daughter. Apparently it was heavy enough that they paid for installation.

Not that I would want to lift 90lbs. But it's a bedroom TV. Probably a 10" black'n'white, if childhood is any yardstick to use.


FROM: Avus [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday September 7, 2005 -- 9:17:25 am
he's assuming that people have huge-screens in their bedrooms.

FROM: Dave
DATE: Saturday September 10, 2005 -- 1:15:36 pm
SPeaking of new Bedroom TV's.. I just bought a 20 inch HDTV LCD Screen at BJ's. It was a brand called KENMARK that I never heard of but for the price you cent beet it and the picture is amazing...

FROM: Paul
DATE: Saturday September 10, 2005 -- 4:48:54 pm
Sounds about as good as Sorny.

FROM: Merle [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday September 10, 2005 -- 4:56:20 pm
Thirty-seven inches, though. Wow.

That's about thirteen inches bigger than my main TV, which seems bigger than I need. I mean, I don't even need to hook it up to my stereo to get stereo sound. That's big. Most modern TVs don't even fit in my "entertainment center", which seems less and less entertaining as the years go by...

FROM: Kenmark Sucks
DATE: Sunday May 28, 2006 -- 9:56:00 am
I bought a small Kenmark TV and the picture went out on it after 2-months. Be careful.

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