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September 10th, 2005

Soft Cookie Taste

There’s no excuse for the lateness of today’s Ping. But I’ll still blame President Bush.

As Pingers may know, I like cookies. A lot. Cookies are a delightful treat, and Oreos are – of course – wonderful. But there are times when I get the hankering for a soft cookie, and I don’t feel like making my own.

In those times of crisis, I usually have to resort to store-bought cookies. I’m not sure if you noticed it, but soft cookies from the store tend to have a certain… odd… flavor about them. I am fearing that it’s just the chemicals used to keep the cookies soft. But it freaks me out a little bit. There’s also a certain way these cookies break apart that feels pretty manufactured. In other words, I’m not sure they’re convincing anyone they’re homemade.

That said, I must heap some praise for what I feel are the best store-bought cookies: Matt’s Chocolate Chip Cookies. They’re made here in Chicago and are the real deal. Every package is filled with cookies that actually stick together – in other words, just as if you made them and packaged them. Matt’s are the only cookies I’ve had that don’t exhibit the weird chemical soft cookie taste. They’re darned good.

As a conclusion, I just had a weird thought pop into my head: what if there was a Soft Oreo? Eesch.

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