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September 12th, 2005

Falafel Snacks

So yesterday we went to a local market for the first time, as we’re getting our bearings in our new place. Like most, it had a lot of ethnic foods – but the most interesting one piqued our interest on the way out. It was an impulse buy, and it was a falafel-flavored wheat “party” snack. Really. Other flavors were onion, taco, pizza, smoky, and something else that isn’t important.

The best part of the snack? It had MSG. For real. MSG! Finally, falafel meets MSG.

But I digress. Upon opening the bag I was stunned that the snacks really did smell like falafel. Convincingly. I was a little scared of the party snacks, so my wife tried one first. She ate one of the tiny snacks and said, anticlimatically, “This tastes like falafel.” Then, I tried one. As you can see, I enjoyed them too. They really did taste like falafel.

So, I’d like to thank the Bissli people from Israel for making a crunchy party snack that tastes like falafel. And remember, when you’ve got falafel you don’t need a party to enjoy it. I’m Paul – take care.

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