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September 21st, 2005

Post Office Changes

My local post office has made a change.

And, get this: it’s actually for the better.

They’ve extended their hours and are now open until 7pm during the week. How crazy is that? They used to close at 5:30, which meant that if I wanted to mail a package (one that I couldn’t use the automated system for) or pick up a large item from my PO Box, I had to either get to work late, go at lunch, or leave work early. Now, I can leave work–late, even!–and still be able to interact with actual humans at the post office as late as 7pm. Very nice.

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FROM: aharris
DATE: Wednesday September 21, 2005 -- 3:54:34 pm
This will come off as totally elitist and snobby but...I miss my concierge.

I moved recently and the new building doesn't even have a rental office let alone a doorman so getting packages is a MAJOR pain. I am all about online shopping (who the hell has time for brick and mortar?!) and the local post office sounds even worse than yours was. It opens at 9:30 and closes at 4:30.

I totally agree that these people suck but I'll tell you, as someone who recently went through the hell of trying to get a DSL modem delivered, the errand service did catch my eye. :) I don't like strangers in my house but...the idea of having someone wait while the UPS guy tries to deliver a package (you've scheduled!!) for the 3rd time or picking up something from the post office does sound appealing.

FROM: Maria
DATE: Wednesday September 21, 2005 -- 4:04:24 pm
Yes, but did they ever take down the sign?

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday September 21, 2005 -- 5:04:59 pm
Maria -- Bravo for remembering that entry! I was going to reference it, but I'm glad I didn't so that you could. :)

FROM: steve
DATE: Wednesday September 21, 2005 -- 6:17:15 pm
anyone pinging right now

FROM: steve
DATE: Wednesday September 21, 2005 -- 6:18:21 pm
i got a question for anyone who knows stereos

FROM: Paul
DATE: Thursday September 22, 2005 -- 10:11:42 am
Welcome to the Internets, Steve, where every web page is a chat room!

I've got my finger on the Dumb-Ass Mode button....

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Thursday September 22, 2005 -- 1:42:46 pm

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