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October 17th, 2005

How Early is Too Early?

It’s kind of tired to complain about how “there are already Thanksgiving decorations up and it’s not even Halloween!,” but this goes beyond cliches, this goes beyond good taste and what should be considered acceptible for retail.

Three weeks ago, when it was still September, I walked into the local Giant supermarket. At this point, the temperature was still regularly in the upper 80s and fall was not by any means in the air. But that didn’t matter to the folks at Giant because right next to their customer service desk was a giant (har!), perhaps 12 foot tall, blow-up snow globe with Santa Claus inside.

Dude, in late September, Santa hasn’t even started making his presents yet. He and Mrs. Claus are still busy playing “toss the elf into the pile of reindeer poo.”

I don’t mind early Christmas decorations. I’m even fine that once November 1st comes around, break out the Christmas music in Macy’s (but not on the radio). But late September is entirely too early for any kind of allusion to a holiday three months later.

The one exception to this rule is Arbor Day. We can celebrate that any time.

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