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December 5th, 2005

Share Your Wishlist

If you have wish lists scattered all over the web as well as special items from stores that don’t have wish list functionality, I’d bet you’d like to consolidate them, right?

Now you can, with the handy dandy Personal Wishlists from This great little service lets you keep a wish list online that you can share with friends. They can claim gifts so that you don’t receive duplicates and if you’re logged into the system, you can’t see your own public wish list page, which is nice if you still like to be surprised when you’re receiving a gift. It allows for categorization of gifts and will show images if you enter a URL for one.

I had a locally hosted script for our wedding that did a similar thing, but it was sketchy at best. This implementation is pretty nice and I’ve started transferring my handmade wish list page here. Mighty convenient!

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