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March 15th, 2006

Not handy with words

I’m not exactly the world’s handiest man. Yes, I can fix a toilet something fierce, but when it comes to any other household duties, I’m not exactly the type that jumps up and says, “Yay! A trip to Home Depot is called for!” And if I were, I probably wouldn’t word it in such a goofy way.

But there are times where I need to go to Hell to get some small items for a tiny house task. I go in knowing what I need, but since any item in that store could be located in four different places, I always need to ask. By the time I actually find someone who’s not busy looking busy, I ask him, “Where can I find the…” and then I blank. I start trying to describe it, “… the… the round things… the round things that you use to um, put other things–round or non-round–into… like a wall or door or something.”

“You mean the screws, sir?”

It never fails. I have yet to walk into Home Depot or Lowe’s and look like I belong there. One of these days, though.

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