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December 19th, 2005

Christmas Cards

It’s time to check in — if you send out cards for the holidays, how far along are you?

We’re doing pretty well… we’re never completely done by this point, but last year we had only mailed a few by the time Christmas had arrived. We were way behind. This year, we’ve got quite a few out. Everyone that’s sent us one so far has gotten one back and a good number of the remaining folks have as well. We’ll probably still be writing our cards by Thursday night, but we may actually be done before Christmas this year. One can hope.

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FROM: Paul
DATE: Monday December 19, 2005 -- 6:43:40 am
We finished them yesterday. It took a while because my wife had to write out the cards, and one can only write so much in one sitting before one goes batty. They'll be going out today or tomorrow, which ain't bad.

FROM: COD [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday December 19, 2005 -- 8:00:26 am
I hope we got to everybody on our list - because we mailed the last card on Saturday.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Monday December 19, 2005 -- 1:22:46 pm
For the first time in ten years, I don't think we're doing any. We usually make our own card, like a linoleum or wood cut and print them ourselves. Last year we took the easy way out and did a photo card.

This year, I just don't think it's happening. I feel bad for some reason--but not that bad.

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