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December 28th, 2005

Praise for method

It isn’t terribly often that I say I enjoy cleaning. I like the end result,sure – a clean home is way, way better than a dirty one – but cleaning is a chore.It’ssomething that I’d rather just have done for me. But that’s notlikely.

A few weeks ago Ryan and I were discussing cleaning products (which is what wedobest!) and he casually asked if I had used anything from method.I got to launch into my “Yes, and they’re just great!” schpiel… and soonthereafterI realized that, yes, I would actually look forward to cleaning withtheirproducts. Really.

The reasons? First of all, they smell good. Pink grapefruit is just nice. Butso iscucumber, eucalyptus mint, and even French lavender. Second, theirbottlesare well-designed. As a design geek I can’t help but like those. Third,everythingis naturally-derived (which is, uh, a little ambiguous but there aredefinitely notharsh chemicals – that’s nice) and not tested on animals. And finally, and mostimportantly, the copy on their bottles and site is just fantastic.

As an added bonus I’ve written the company on more than one occasion and havealways,always had a response within a day or two – one written by a human. Theyreally docare.

So, yes, some of their products cost a little more (like dishwasher cubes).But inthe end I think that if something can make me want to clean, it’sworth theextra buck or two.

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