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December 31st, 2005

An Ode to the Glass In My Toe

Oh glass, glass in my toe,
We’ve spent many wonderful months together.

You entered my life in March,
And I thought you’d be here forever.

We’ve run the neighborhood,
We’ve run 5ks,
We’ve been cut open,
We’ve had x-rays.

But now, dear glass, you’re gone,
I’ll miss you and for what it’s worth:
It was a great nine months, but alas,
It’s over, now that I’ve given birth…

To the piece of glass in my toe.

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FROM: Rob [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday December 31, 2005 -- 5:03:40 pm
So... did you keep it? Did you name it? Does Huyen know about you and the piece of glass?

FROM: jk
DATE: Sunday January 1, 2006 -- 1:45:10 am
Happy 2006, glass! Now you can see what the new year looks like!!!

FROM: Fred Farkle
DATE: Friday March 10, 2006 -- 6:18:42 pm
I got a spike from a sea urchin in my foot when I was at a beach, that kind, you know, we can't talk about, in Yugoslavia. This was 34 years ago. I ended up with a black spot near my big toe. The spot has traveled to my heel.

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