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January 17th, 2006

Curse them and their seven kids

You know you agree with me: this most annoying ad on the web. Even more than the “shoot the ____ for a free Ipod!” ads. Why? Because it’s been around for so damn long.

And honestly, there’s no way she married him unless she totally ditched those glasses and he lost all of the pretentiousness that’s dripping off of him.

I’m really curious about who those people really are. I remember seeing an article ages ago about a few of the people that were featured on ads or one of the other reunion sites that said the people were current employees of the company. Wonder if that’s the case here, or if it’s just a case of “hey. find a homely looking woman and a preppy pretty boy picture in that old stock photo collection.”

And you know, Lynn never would have dated that dude. She would have seen right through him.

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