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January 20th, 2006

Rent or Own Movies?

Yesterday Ryan and I were having intense discussions about DVDs. And Oreos, of course.

One of the hot topics was renting versus owning DVDs. Back when the DVD format was introduced I imagined having a large library of the movies – every movie I ever loved, or even just liked, I would own. Dozens – hundreds – of titles would like my walls, much like books.

But that never came to pass. Between both me and my wife, we might have 30 DVDs. Now, there are some that I feel it’s necessary to own (like all the Pixar films), but on balance I feel better renting DVDs than owning them. I’m not sure what changed, but I just can’t see myself owning that giant movie library I once did.

How about you? Do you like to rent or own movies?

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FROM: COD [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday January 20, 2006 -- 9:12:52 am
We own maybe 50, and 1/2 of those are the kids. It's mostly classics with high replay value. (Star Wars / Lord of The Rings / Raiders of The Lost Ark / Caddyshack, etc)

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday January 20, 2006 -- 10:49:53 am
I own around 370, which is entirely too many. I bought a lot in the early days and cleaned up during the dot-com coupon boom (my first 100 DVDs cost an average of $5 new). These days, I'm more selective... only certain directors or subgenres will I purchase, along with the occasional "regular" movie that I see myself watching more frequently.

We just joined Greencine so that I don't need to purchase all of those movies I want to see but have no chance of finding in Blockbuster. So, we're leaning much more heavily towards rent. I just don't rewatch movies too frequently, so it got to the point where it was a silly purchase in most cases.

FROM: Rob [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday January 20, 2006 -- 12:31:47 pm
I tend to be with Ryan. I too bought a bunch during the early days and during the coupon boom. But I don't rewatch movies too too often. So I haven't bought too many recently. There are some that I would never get rid of. And it's getting easier to rent things like anime DVDs, which I'd never find in Blockbuster. And I can't really get rid of DVDs from foreign regions because I can't possibly rent those. But I'm pretty much leaning towards renting for most things.

FROM: Steve A.
DATE: Friday January 20, 2006 -- 9:00:15 pm
We own 1 and got that when we got the first player just to have something. Netflix delivers... LOL... OFTEN!


FROM: Merle [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday January 21, 2006 -- 5:08:10 pm
We did not get into the whole cutting-edge thing, and did not even have a player until last year(!), so own few.

We own thirty discs or so. Most of them are old Brit Sci-fi series that I know will never be shown again (like The Prisoner).

For everything else, there is Netflix.

Although occasionally I think about buying some. For example, I recently rented the anime series Noir, and absolutely loved it. The music was phenomenal. The soundtracks are out-of-print foreign imports, so I would spend more on soundtracks (three at >$25 each) than I would for the DVD set ($70). So it's tempting.

But rewatching is not all that exciting. Sure, if TNT is showing a Matrix flick, I'll watch some of it. Otherwise, I'm unlikely to just say "hey! I want to rewatch X tonight!" and stick the disc in. Didn't happen with VCR tapes, won't happen with DVDs.

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