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January 19th, 2006

A question

I came across this postcard on the PostSecret site that reads: “If I can do it, I don’t consider it art.”

I realized that I kind of think that way, too. I figure if I record a song, it’s not art, it’s just something I threw together in the studio. If I take a nice looking photograph, I just got lucky. If I get a smiley face to appear in my oil and vinegar mixture, it’s happenstance. Do you hold that true for yourself, too?

Maybe we’re all just too hard on ourselves. I think the rule should be that if one other person can call it art, then art it is.

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FROM: Joseph
DATE: Thursday January 19, 2006 -- 10:41:55 am
I consider everything I do art, including rolling my boogers into fun shapes and then sticking them on the wall.

But it's only real art if someone else pays for it, until then, it's a hobby.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Thursday January 19, 2006 -- 10:42:34 am
Nice comma splice.

FROM: John
DATE: Friday January 20, 2006 -- 12:55:40 pm
Since people who call themselves Artists seem to think anything and everything they do is Art, I've decided that I don't even believe in "Art". Most humans have a creative side, and the value of their self-expression is purely subjective. For me, most people's self-expression runs the range of un-interesting to offensive. If they somehow touch something in me, exhibiting technical excellence, sensitivity or imagination, I enjoy it. And this can come from anyone from a child to a Professional. I don't think it's meaningful to insist that something is Art, that's for the observer to decide for themself. So if Joseph sells his booger wall on ebay, he and the buyer may consider it Art, but I would not.

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