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January 24th, 2006

A Blanket with Sleeves

A few days ago I was thrilled when I saw the Slanket, which is a blanket that has sleeves. “Brilliant!” I thought. Then I told my wife and she said, “Oh, sure. We had that growing up.”

Okay, so it might not be new. But a blanket with sleeves is a great, great idea.

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FROM: jk
DATE: Tuesday January 24, 2006 -- 11:48:39 am
He looks like he's just wearing an enormous robe.

FROM: mel
DATE: Tuesday January 24, 2006 -- 2:39:54 pm
It does resemble an enormous robe, and for $65 seems a bit hefty. But you can do like he did and get the $20 fleece blanket at Wal-Mart and cut holes in it.

FROM: Jeani
DATE: Tuesday January 24, 2006 -- 5:08:10 pm
Actually, now that I've seen the picture, that's not the same as the one we had when I was a kid. Mine was more like a sleeping bag with sleeves. It surrounded one's body, but it had snaps or a zipper down the front and sleeves. It was kind of like a robe, but the part around the feet was like a normal sleeping bag -- kind of like a pocket for your tootsies. Oh, how I miss it!

FROM: COD [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday January 24, 2006 -- 6:37:31 pm
This to me seems to be a solution in search of a problem. The whole point of a blanket on the couch is to invite somebody to join you under it. (the blanket, not the couch)

Each person putting one arm in just doesn't seem that appealing.

FROM: jk
DATE: Tuesday January 24, 2006 -- 10:54:33 pm
Jeani, I know what you mean. I bet they are out there somewhere. You could kind of hop around while in it.....I never had one though.

Three cheers for polar fleece.

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