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January 28th, 2006

Traffic Terms

I’ve realized that while in traffic and driving my car – two events that usually coincide – I’ve come up with a few terms I use when talking about what’s happening in said traffic. I invite you to share yours as I share mine.

Dibs – This one, I didn’t come up with. But it’s used a couple of ways around Chicago. In the winter, one can call dibs on a parking spot in front of one’s house by putting a chair (or other piece of furniture, really) in the spot. And all year long, one can call dibs on a parking spot – usually in a parking lot – by being the first one to signal for it.

Honkable – Describes an incident in which one’s horn could have been used. Since the horn is used so sparingly, honkables are a joy. A pleasure.

Leapfrogging – Someone goes around you, naturally in a mean manner. For instance, if you’re one of three cars merging onto a highway at the same time and the third car goes around you and the other car – perhaps by driving like a jerk – that person is leapfrogging you.

Feel free to use these. Collect ’em all!

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