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February 6th, 2006

Puppy Bowl

Yesterday of course was the Super Bo… er, the Football Match Whose Name We Can’t Mention Without Paying $1 Million in Licensing Fees. And around our house we did have the game on from time to time, but we were flipping between it and… Puppy Bowl.

This is the second year that Animal Planet has shown the Puppy Bowl, and I think it’s brilliant. It’s three hours of puppies playing on a miniature football field. That’s it. Puppies play, fight (in that fun puppy way), drink water, lick things, etc. It’s a wonderful change of pace.

Of course the idea for this isn’t totally new. The first I heard of it was on a This American Life segment about The Puppy Channel, which would run video of puppies all day long. As TPC’s site says, “Everyone feels better when watching puppies.”

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Dan FitzSimons January 3, 2007, 10:56 pm

[see PS for “commercial” disclaimer]

hi folks

we have been pleased with

the kind words offered about

The Puppy Channel(R) in your space

[along with some understandable negative comments]

we want you and others you might choose to share this with

to know that we have awakened from our extended cybernap

and are pursuing the opportunity again in two ways

1. we are seeking investment from ‘angels’ and others

who can make possible our development as video-on-demand

online or on tv since we can’t do it without new funding

2. we are selling the dvd version of our original pilot show

at [$25 delivered by mail]

in hopes of financing more progress

if you get to the website you’ll notice little has changed

from the version that went up in march 1999 and

that’s because we got our fuzzy little

legs cut off when the dotcom

bubble burst

but we are back to trying to build on the successful

market research results we got in the 90s

and gratified by the feedback any time

this american life re-runs ‘our’ show

a recent webcast of an interview

is at if you

search for the puppy channel

it might clear up a bit of the misinformation

and lack of full information available to

anyone who’s been following this

thank you for passing on news about

our honest effort when you do

best regards

dan fitzSimons

ps—since we have a commercial purpose

for updating parties interested in our progress

we want you to edit out anything that may not fit

your policies about promotion and commercialization

if you should choose to share any of this news with readers

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