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February 11th, 2006

What’s in Your Glove Box?

If you have a car, what’s in your glove box?

For us, we always have: napkins, salt and pepper packets, ketchup packets, a screwdriver, a wet-nap (or two, ideally), paper, a pen (or two), a Sharpie, a pencil, and a miniature measuring tape.

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DATE: Saturday February 11, 2006 -- 10:56:59 am
I have gloves in mine. Really.

Also a small flashlight, spare tail light bulbs, Ipod headphones, owners manual.

FROM: Steve A.
DATE: Saturday February 11, 2006 -- 12:29:05 pm
I think I've got receipts from auctions, printed directions to places I haven't been in ages, including about a dozen antique/second hand stores, probably a CDN provincial map or two (again, I left that area several years ago), receipts from oil changes and other auto 'stuff.' Insurance papers, registration papers, auto inspection papers. There's probably some napkins too.

The glove box isn't what has all the junk. It's all the OTHER compartments. I've got magazines from Nova Scotia, Ontario and Quebec. A receipt from a car ferry in Cape Breton, NS. A 25' tape measure, a wheel driven measure, a laser measure (accurate to +/- 5" up to 50'), more napkins, CDs, cassettes, blanket, jumper cables and assorted other stuff I've yet to toss.

I'm a clutterbug and I know it. I think there's a 12 step treatment out there somewhere, but I don't have a map to it. ;-)


FROM: Cheesecake Mousetrap
DATE: Saturday February 11, 2006 -- 12:41:52 pm
Inspired by the Volkswagon Passat commercial, a couple of months ago I drove out to some gas station in the middle of the desert to get some sushi to put in my glove compartment. Last week when I opened up the glove compartment to get that metal pen/thermometer thingie to check the air pressure in the tires...well, I could have used one of those air freshner mirror ornaments, I tell you for sure.

FROM: L K Tucker [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday February 12, 2006 -- 12:28:46 am
Tire gauge, fuel injector seals, paper napkins, plastic forks/spoons, brake flluid test strips, several sizes of stainless steel hose clamps.

FROM: Fred Myrtle
DATE: Tuesday March 28, 2006 -- 11:54:06 pm
A cheap cam corder as in $35.
Perscription drugs from my dentist with recreational potential.
10 ball point pens.
Couple of good size firecrackers that put out mostly smoke.
A $3 disposable camera.
Some comdoms from when I used to sell condoms by the case of one thosand for $140.
Map of Gatlinburg, Tenn.

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