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February 19th, 2006

New Car Smell

It’s been two weeks since we bought our new car and it still has the faintest hint of that new car smell. I wonder how long it’ll last.

I asked my friend, Sir Google of Searchenstein, and he gave me a few interesting results. “Eight months,” said a Christian band. “I need some hints on how to make it last longer,” said a BMW discussion forum. And, actually, that’s it.

But I’ll report back when the new car smell is gone so I can add a third relevant result to that list.

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DATE: Sunday February 19, 2006 -- 4:55:56 pm
We bought a truck yesterday (Dodge Durango). However its an 05 so the new car smell is long gone.

FROM: jk
DATE: Sunday February 19, 2006 -- 9:18:40 pm
There was something in the news last week (CNN) about that smell being toxic. I am serious.

The seats in the new Jetta 2.0T are pleather, so I think the smell is skunk-like. Ew.

FROM: oh god
DATE: Sunday February 19, 2006 -- 10:29:38 pm
i lovve that semll

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Thursday February 23, 2006 -- 11:15:14 pm
My new car smell is always ruined quickly by new fart smell, which is also toxic.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Friday February 24, 2006 -- 8:18:42 am
Oh yes, Joseph. When I got my last car, I instituted a no farting rule for the first 10,000 miles. Mile 10,001... was a stinker.

Our car still has instances of new car smell although it's definitely not new.

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