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March 7th, 2006

The Best Software Ever

This Ping is going to be geeky.

I’d like to now declare what I believe to be the best program ever: QuickSilver. It’s a handy-dandy program for the Mac that does, well, everything.

In its basic form, it launches programs. You call it up with a keypress from anywhere on your system (I use Command-Space) and start typing the name of the program you want to launch. Then hit Return, and it’s started.

But the beauty of QuickSilver is that it’s expandable. I have it looking at all of my documents as well as all of my music. So if I want to hear a song, I can pretty much have it up in under 5 keystrokes instead of mousing through iTunes. Not shabby.

The plugins available for QS are fantastic. A calculator one, for instance, lets me (guess!) use a calculator anywhere I need. I can send email notes from QS, access multiple clipboards, and best of all, access all of my links – without visiting the site.

I can’t imagine using a computer without QS anymore. It’s fantastic, amazing, and it’s free. There is nothing finer.

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