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March 10th, 2006


In the tradition of Roomba and Scooba, I’d like to suggest a new product: Bathroomba.

Friends, there’s a problem out there: bathrooms. Specifically, men’s bathrooms. They’re a filthy mess. That’s why we need Bathroomba! Much like its non-bathroom brethren, Bathroomba sweeps, cleans, and sanitizes floors. But that’s not where it ends, oh no.

Bathroomba also has a built-in attachment to clean and scrub toilets. It has an arm that pops out with a full toilet brush. The brush gets all of those hard-to-aim-in areas.

As a bonus, Bathroomba includes an air freshener, leaving the fine scent of apple and vanilla wherever it goes! (Scent sold seperately.)

Of course, since Bathroomba doesn’t exist… that makes it hard to buy. But I’d like to see Bathroomba become standard issue for bathrooms, particularly men’s bathrooms, everywhere.

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