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March 9th, 2006


This morning I saw a truck in our neighborhood that belongs to a pest control company. On the side is their motto, “We send pests pakin’!”

For the next hour, I was disturbed and annoyed by their use of the non-work “pakin’.” Now, we’ve all seen plenty of intentional misspellings as marketing gimmicks (Toys backwardsR Us), but this one is different for one reason: I can’t tell if it was intentional or not.

On one hand, could someone really not know how to spell the work “pack?” On the other, what the heck could be the reason for misspelling that particular word in that particular way? When I look at it, I see a word that rhymes with “bacon,” not “lackin’.” If it was intentional, I would much rather they’d done something like, “pak’n,” so that way it would at least be obvious that they meant to do it.

But “pakin'” just looks like they made a typo when they told the van-motto-attacher-guy and couldn’t afford to fix it.

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