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March 18th, 2006

I Hate That Other Family

Ryan hates this family. I’m glad, because there’s a family that I hate, too.

A number of months ago a peanut butter commercial (coincidence?) was making the rounds involving a little boy and his mom. It showed him making a peanut butter sandwich for her in the way that kids do: messily, disorganized.. uh… -ly, and you know, like a kid would. He then serves it to her (in bed, if memory serves) and says, “I made it just for you!”

The problem is the “you!” part. He says it more like, “yeeewwwwwhhhh!” and has the most awful grin on his face. Imagine if you told a kid he was getting a pony, but the pony had fleas. Ecstatic… but not perfect.

I hate that kid. His “yeewwwwwhhh!” is often imitated in our house. I think it’s more than just a coincidence that Ryan and I both hate peanut butter commercials. I think it’s… our peanut butter bias.

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