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March 26th, 2006

A Dog’s Duty

There are a few things in life that I’m getting tired of doing, and that I realized only take just a tad more ability, skill, or dexterity before our dog would be able to do them for us. Things like taking out the garbage, doing our taxes, and… um… walking the dog (though I’m not really tiring of that).

What things would you rather have your pet handle for you?

(This just in… our dog will be handling my Pings from here on out.)

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FROM: jk
DATE: Sunday March 26, 2006 -- 10:12:23 pm
If I had a dog, I would want him to scrub the shower.

FROM: Steve A.
DATE: Monday March 27, 2006 -- 8:20:18 am
I've got an almost 30 lbs Siamese/Persian/Himalayan mix (nobody seems to know exactly what - definitely got long hair), who is FLUFFY as all get out. I'd love that he could get the dust bunnies. Alas, he leaves more than he picks up.


FROM: facinating
DATE: Wednesday March 29, 2006 -- 4:46:46 pm

FROM: sarah
DATE: Friday March 31, 2006 -- 9:09:17 pm
theres tones of things i wish my dog could do!!!!!
1.wash dishes
2.clean my room
3.clean whole house
4. do homework!!
5.cure my dads sickness

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