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April 2nd, 2006

How early do you change?

Last night was, of course, the change over to Daylight Saving Time. It’s the annual event that Ryan covered quite in-depth last year. But here’s a question for you: when in the day do you change your clocks over?

We changed most of ours before going to bed (go figure), so it instantly made us “up late” for two nights in a row. But my mother, bless her heart, changes them in the early afternoon the day before “so she doesn’t forget.” It’s cute and a little confusing, because at 3:30pm almost all of her clocks say 4:30. Opps!

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FROM: Cat [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday April 2, 2006 -- 12:52:08 pm
The clocks on the computers change automatically, which reminds me to change the alarm clock. The rest of them get changed whenever. Usually within a month, depending upon how much it irritates me.

I hate DST. Or, more properly, I hate ST, and wish we would just stick with DST.

DATE: Sunday April 2, 2006 -- 6:12:50 pm
I was out camping this weekend. About 5 AM this morning,I heard somebody yelling reville, reville, up and at it...and I'm thinking to myself, what the hell are they doing up at 5 AM. I was aware of the time change and assumed my cell phone would automagically correct itself.

The campsite got noiser and noiser so I finally got up at what I thought was 530AM. A short while later I realized I was an hour off. Turns out Virgin Mobile phones don't pick up the new time until you make a call or cycle the power on the phone.

Paul March 14, 2010, 11:39 pm

This came up as the random Ping of the day for me. COINCIDENCE?

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